Welcome to Balibatiku

Dear beloved customer,
Allow me to introduce Balibatiku to you all. We are a small company supported by 40 loyal employee in providing batik, pattern and sewing. If you check our website, you will find that the motifs that we are offered has produced manually. It's all come from such long process by hand made and need high detail accuracy. Start from processing the idea to create an extraordinary motif, making pattern and sewing, we are consistent to work carefully, fully attention within detail accuracy and do it one by one.

Therefore, we would like to apologize if you find for unstable color or some little missed on sewing. We will assure you that there will be a little missed on color since it's not process by machine, and missed on sewing won't be more than 0,5cm - 1cm. While for the process time, it will need 2 - 2,5 months for Uniform and 1,5 - 2 months for kimono or sarong.

Our motto is we want to make you happy and satisfied with our work, the important thing is a good long term relationship and money as the bonus.