Batik Production

Batik Production

Batik is Indonesian Culture. It should be a lot of Corporate or Hotel who want a Batik accent on them. For that we are ready to help in the production of Batik for you. With our own factories and craftsmen who we manage ourselves, the batik that is created is always guaranteed quality. You can also request designs from some of the catalogs we have or you can customize your own batik designs. For additional information, our batik process consists of various ways as follows:

Batik Tulis


  • The ink gets through the back side so that the colors are strong enough on both sides of the fabric.
  • The color and motive selection is not limited, or it’s more flexible and it is directly painted on the fabric.
  • The motives are calm and more colorful than the stamp ones. 


  • The production process takes more times and the price is more expensive

Batik Stamp

The strength:

  • The color is strong and sharp
  • Hand-made so that the traditional essence is kept prestigiously
  • The ink gets through the fabric so that it gives exclusive impression, but the backside color tends to fade 
  • The price is lower than the hand-written batik
  • The production process is faster

The weakness:

  • 2 colors or motives is maximum. If you want more you’ll have to pay for extra charge. 
  • The background color should be lighter than the motives, it means you have limited choices of colors here.

Batik Print

We have services for custom printing with your own fabric as well as making screen printing as a tool for fabric printing. Before printing, make sure that the screen printing design that you want is available. If it’s not, you have to make screen printing first. We employ staff who are experts in their works, so there is no need to doubt the quality of the fabric printed. We, as one of Bali garment manufactures, also provide you the services to make screen as a tool to print which the size is customized from 100 x 115 cm, 200 x 115 cm, 100 x 150 cm and 200 x 150 cm.